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5 Myths You Do not Need Car Insurance

In order to have protection, every vehicle owner must register for car insurance. However, there are five myths that can make someone finally switched to not want to have vehicle insurance.

Many vehicle owners are increasingly aware of the importance of car insurance to mitigate the risk of loss in the event of unwanted things. Along with the increase in per capita income and education level of Indonesian people, the more insurance products are selling well, especially in big cities. However, there are some myths that are believed by the owners of cars that eventually make the person lazy to buy car insurance. Therefore, we will discuss some of the myths and the actual facts on car insurance.

My new car, the more expensive the premiums later

What determines the price of car insurance premiums? Not based on new or old car, but the year of manufacture, model and type of coverage that will be taken is decisive. In fact, after the determination of premium rates for insurance by the FSA in 2014, then there are several classifications are used as a reference for setting the price of a premium car. In fact, the existing calculation, a year older cars will be more expensive than new cars. Want to know about the insurance premium rates in 2014, click here.

My car is an old car, so secure

Is the car thief always choose the type of car when they want to steal? So, when your car is an old car or an older years then there is no possibility to be stolen, In fact, the car thieves carry out actions based on chance and the best-selling type of car to be sold in the market. So, for any of your car, if it is still in demand to be sold in the market, then it is definitely going to be a goal or target.

When the claims, later denied

In general, if events or risks that you claim is eligible policy provisions. Therefore, please read the Indonesian Motor Vehicle Standard Policy that you have. Claims success also depends on the completeness of requirements and documents needed to process insurance claims. Therefore, you need to read the clause of the insurance policy carefully to understand fully the terms and conditions of the claim.

Never ticketed, the cost is more expensive

Perhaps many people think if they have a poor record on the force like never ticketed, then the premiums will be paid more. In fact, the cost of the premium is not calculated based on it.

My car lighter color, so the cost is more expensive

The most frequently heard myth. Some people say, car colors such as red and yellow will be charged a higher premium. Yet, the fact is not the case. Whatever the color of your car, it is not a consideration in determining the premium costs. Except you modify your car excessively. Credit Card
Vehicle insurance is now saving time and money
Get insurance with fixed premiums according to regulations and the latest rates

By knowing the myths above, you do not need to be afraid anymore to insure the car. Moreover, the current premium rate was already fixed or relatively similar between each company. So, you only need to compare the cost of premiums in accordance with the needs of the insurance and other benefits that you need. Most importantly, try to pay attention to the policy contract clauses as well as possible, so you do not feel disadvantaged in the event of an accident or car theft.